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    Disclosure: The server at the current time only has factions, but over time with improvements and more players joining the community. All the other servers will become possible!

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    Hello creeper crafters,
    Here are a list of rules for all servers:

    Rules for all servers!
    (These rules apply for all server!)
    - Respect other players
    - Don't spam (including private messages)
    - Don't swear or curse (including private messages)
    - Do not advertise (in any form)
    - Respect other players and staff
    - Offensive user names and/or character skins are not allowed
    - Do not ask staff for items/ranks
    - Do not ask for creative mode or OP!
    - Do not use racist words/names
    - Dont ask for unbans
    - Do not impersonate staff
    - Please don't complain about lag or server restarts. It’s a fact of life, our technical admins are constantly working to smooth the experience, and repeated complaints get annoying.


    - Don't advertise ( Server ip's/Website links )
    - No fly hacks/any other sort of hack


    - Don't steal from other players (scamming)
    - Dont abuse server glitches
    - Don't use hacked clients/mods
    - Rank Abuse ( Gamemode 1 / Others )
    - Setting homes in enemy bases ( Or any base that isn't your own )
    - No Hacked items ( If found on your player/in your base you will be banned )
    - Items over 6 enchants are illegal
    - Don't log off to avoid PvP.
    - Don't log off while engaged in combat.
    - Relogging to gain an advantage such as invulnerability for PvP or to prevent fall damage while being chased.
    - Do not time logins to attack players at specific locations.
    - Do not play with multiple accounts to give yourself a PvP-related advantage
    - Do not camp the edge of the safezone
    - Trapping is allowed
    - Raiding/Griefing is allowed.
    - /fix all is allowed for people who donated for it. (Is not allowed in combat!)
    - No boosting (spawning and killing a player over and over again to gain top rank on topkills)


    - Any use of x ray/ore-detection will result in an immediate ban
    - Do not thieve from other players
    - No griefing/looting/raiding
    - Always protect your builds and not builds you don’t own
    - No tp/tpa/warp killing including traps


    - Dont use water/lava buckets to kill/drown players in the mines
    - Don't use commands to get away from pvp
    - Using drugs in pvp will result in a ban!
    - Do not grief other players plots

    Survival Games

    - Dont abuse game glitches


    - Don't camp pvp on the edge of the safe zone
    - Don't log off to avoid PvP.
    - Don't log off while engaged in combat.


    - No griefing/looting/raiding
    - No creating death traps
    - Dont make hacked/Over regular enchant items

    If you use a glitch to bypass the ban, 10 days will be added and you will be ip banned for the duration of the ban.

    Note: This list may be changed without notice, it is your responsibility to check and review the rules regularly. This list is not exclusive, common sense will be used where necessary. Breaking these rules will lead to punishments, punishments vary from kicking, Muting and permanent banning. Remember just because you have donated, doesn't mean you are above the rules.

    By joining the server, you agree to the rules above.
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